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    PuppyCat Rules!

    Natasha’s working up some notes for our animating pals at Dong Woo Entertainment.

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    Some of my favourite Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 1 quotes

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    some even joined our cool new dancemoves! yeaH §H!!! !

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    It’s so funny how everyone portrays Her Imperious Condescension as a formal, dignified, regal empress, and then you read her pesterlogs and 


    Yes. So regal.


    Look how queenly she is.


    The epitome of royal behavior.

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  5. Favourite Books - American Gods by Neil Gaiman

    Without individuals we see only numbers: a thousand dead, a hundred thousand dead, “casualties may rise to a million.” With individual stories, the statistics become people — but even that is a lie, for the people continue to suffer in numbers that themselves are numbing and meaningless. Look, see the child’s swollen, swollen belly, and the flies that crawl at the corners of his eyes, his skeletal limbs: will it make it easier for you to know his name, his age, his dreams, his fears? To see him from the inside? And if it does, are we not doing a disservice to his sister, who lies in the searing dust beside him, a distorted, distended caricature of a human child? And there, if we feel for them, are they now more important to us than a thousand other children touched by the same famine, a thousand other young lives who will soon be food for the flies’ own myriad squirming children?

    (inspired by mmorrow’s magazine-type photosets)

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  6. bravestwarriors:


    We’ve just added some brave new Warrior cards! If you back Story War at the Deluxe Pack level you’ll get these eight officially licensed Bravest Warriors cards!

    Story War is a storytelling party game where players take on the role of fictional characters and then try to convince another player acting as a judge that their characters would win in a fight against their opponent’s characters. We started out with that classic “who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman” conversation and we kept developing the cards and playtesting the rules until we came up with this really fun game.

    But obviously we can’t make a game about Batman and Superman without DC Comics’ permission! So we had to start out with public domain characters like Medusa and King Midas. One of the ideas behind Story War is that we’d build the game on public domain characters and then slowly introduce more licensed character expansions over time.

    So we hope Story War will slowly grow into something like the card game version of Super Smash Brothers. And luckily for us, everyone at Cartoon Hangover is super cool and they gave us permission to make these eight new Bravest Warriors cards, which represent our first major step in that Smash-like direction!

    Bravest Warriors is a great franchise to play Story War with because all of these adorable characters come with their own set of super powers. And if you want to learn the nuances of the kinds of stories you can tell with each card, all you have to do is watch the Bravest Warriors web series on YouTube!

    All Story War cards are printed with a common card back, so you could easily shuffle the Bravest Warriors into your Story War deck and take them out if the people you’re playing with aren’t familiar with the show.

    These eight cards are exclusively available as a Kickstarter bonus! Trying to get these cards after the campaign ends would be like trying to make oatmeal cry. So if you want to get these Bravest Warriors cards you’ll have to go back Story War on Kickstarter at the Deluxe Pack level!

    The awesome level of this is out of this world.

    Get the exclusive limited edition Bravest Warriors cards by supporting Story War on Kickstarter

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