1. the sherlock fandom doesn’t always get along but one thing we can all agree on is that when sherlock shows up in season three

    • mrs hudson is going to slap him so hard anderson’s fuckbuddies feel it

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  2. so basically tumblr fandoms are like a mental institution

    filled with crazies, no judging, and when someone starts having a feels attack everyone just kind of steps back and lets it run its course while they offer kind words of advice and support

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  3. Theories on how Sherlock season three could have a more frustrating ending than ever before.

    • "Hello, my name is Mary Morstan."
    • A kiss.
    • "Dr. Watson, you’ve been in a coma ever since you got shot."
    • "Sherlock Holmes, I…"
    • "Follow the white rabbit."
    • Moriarty was paying Richard Brooke.
    • Mycroft was paying Moriarty.
    • "Don’t blink. Don’t even blink."
    • "Hello boys! Sorry I didn’t stay dead, I’m sooooo changeable!"

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  4. My birthday invitations.
Because I am just that cool.

This does not mean that all of Tumblr is invited

    My birthday invitations.

    Because I am just that cool.

    This does not mean that all of Tumblr is invited

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  5. uss-special:




    best cosplayer

    everyone else go home

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  6. ivemissedsomething:

    Benedict Cumberbatch (and Lara Pulver) talking about his ‘twiddling’ - how much he flipped random objects in the episode - during the commentary for A Scandal in Belgravia

    (Don’t stop Benedict! I love your twiddling lol xD)

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    SherlockBenedict CumberbatchLara PulverBehind the scenesA Scandal in Belgraviathis cast is flawlessi swear to godbaftasoldierthank you becca for helping me with the top quote I LOVE YOU :D[1]he was so adorable in this commentary you guysi spent the whole time going 'awwwwww Benedict' xD

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